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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week 33 and 34 because I had a BSN to finish and I am a horrible procrastinator.

Week 33

Week 33 was a good one. I slept a lot this week and managed to start my nesting process.

I washed Allie's clothes, packed her hospital bag, neglected to even think about mine.

I know. For shame.

Game of Thrones, anyone? I had to. 

When I think about packing my bag, I think of all the things I haven't done, and that my good people stresses me the hell out.

This was literally the only thing I did on Week 33 and finish a giant capstone project. So to save a bunch of rambles I combined week 33 and 34.

Week 34. 

As of this week I am officially done with my BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), something every nurse pretty much needs these days, especially if you want to work in California.

Anywho! It's finished and I'm proud to say I am so glad it's behind me. I have had ZERO motivation these past two weeks and have been an absolute sloth about getting things done.

I finally got to a place where I am fully content with my education coming to a stopping point. For many people that don't know this about me, I have never stopped going to school since high school. I have always had school in my life, I guess I craved the structure I never got as a child, I'm not sure, but living my life in semesters has been apart of everything I've done up until this point. I was feeling very uneasy about not pursuing my masters right away, scared to death I wouldn't get to it, but not today. 

I have this sweet little baby to thank for that. 

Today I feel that I have done enough for now. I will get to the rest later. Now I have a whole new adventure to embark on. It feels really good. So now with this degree behind me, I can finally start growing in other ways, and learning how to be a great mom. 

So I finally started to get the last things done to make sure I have most of what I need before the baby is born. 

I have started the descent on getting my hospital bag ready because apparently your baby can come like anytime in the third trimester: *** cue every fear a-Type-A-person-has-if-they-aren't-completely -ready-panic***

So I got on it! 
  • I bought granny panties. Haven't bought any of those since 1998. I have to have something to hold those giant pads in place!
  • Bought all the good stuff to make the postpartum pads. Thanks Pinterest, you've made my life so easy. Seriously, though if you were worried about all the major mile stones and have no where to turn, go directly to Pinterest for some direction. 
  • I purchased nursing bras. I had no idea you are not supposed to wear an underwire for like 3 months after you give birth to avoid clogged ducts. You could say I "duct" out of that disaster. (do you see what I did there? LOL. I'm going to have this mom humor down!)
  • I bought this book: 

I have started reading it, and for the most part I've found to be very helpful. However, I do feel like some of the stuff this lady puts in the book is definitely her opinion, anyways there's just about a million editions of this book so clearly it sells and this lady really knows her stuff, so i'll keep reading. My lactation nazi consultant suggested this and said this was her bible. 
  • I have decided to do a birth plan. I was really on the fence about even writing one because I'm a nurse and know things don't happen to plan, but the more I got to thinking about it, I would like someone to know a little something about my thoughts, not like I'm one to keep my thoughts underwraps, but you know what I mean, it would be helpful for change of shift. (longest run-on sentence ever!) Ladies, that did a birth plan: what did you put in yours?  
  • I have a question about breast pads: Did anyone use those milkies ones, the pads where you can re-use the breast milk that it catches? I'm all about being efficient, but I just wonder how long you can keep the milk in there, do you have to dump it every so often?
  • You'd be proud, I bought a breast pump, which I knew I wanted to bring to the hospital so I could get a lactation consultant or my fabulous postpartum nurses to help me figure out how to use, future moms: I got the Medela Pump in Style Advanced, bought it on amazon for $220 I was "pumped"!, originally $270-$300 at Target and Buy Buy Baby! (i'm out of control with these puns, today.) Military moms: Tricare will absolutely pay for this pump, get your prescription from your doctor, the receipt for the pump and send it in/they will reimburse you, they will also cover the cost of breast pump supplies for the first year!
  • I, of course have all the nipple shields (in case baby is tongue tied or if my nipples prove to be strange), lanolin, and a million different types of breast pads. 
  • Moms: what did you put in your bag? Or wished you did? 
Cravings: OREOS, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE,  CHOCOLATE. This is where I will begin to see all those extra pregnancy pounds pop up. 

Aversions: I still pretty much hate salmon and anything that smells like fish. 

Sleep: I have a love/hate relationship with sleep. Some nights I sleep so soundly and other nights I toss and turn to find a good position to sleep. Then when I get in the perfect position, I have to pee and not pee like a giant amount, just enough to be annoying, like I probably could have held that for a few hours. 

Until next week!

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