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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 32: Is wearing pants really necessary?

Well Hello Week 32.

I've also come to this realization:

UM. I'm hoping I get to the point of not worrying about because i'm so ready for this child to leave my body. I do have this one app that told me, my baby was the size of a honey badger, I thought about my baby having claws and everything. 

My criteria of what standards of clothing is worn is slowly declining. Now the standards are very simple, Does it include wearing pants? Will I sweat in this?  For instance, I saw this black dress at Costco the day of this picture, at this point in pregnancy I find reasons to not wear pants because it's unnecessary. Best $10 I spent that day. Thank you to everyone I hung out with this day to not comment how pasty I am! 

Question: At what point did you stop wearing pants during your pregnancy?! I am really wondering how stretchy my preggo pants can actually get. 

Pregnancy thoughts: 
  • I'm surprised my belly button is still intact and has pushed all the way out yet. 
  • Somedays I don't feel super pregnant and then there are others where I don't want to move. 
  • There are two weeks left in my BSN program and we are required to do a capstone project that includes site visits. So basically I decided to do a project over chronic pain management. Well the sites i've wanted to visit have basically told me, No, they don't have time to answer 6 questions, even over the phone.... both sites. They don't know it, but I hope a fire ant bites their toe. *** they don't have fire ants in California. :/***
  • I'm having crazy breastfeeding stress dreams where my nipples fall off and that no amount of breast pads can contain all the milk. Why am I so strange??!
  • This puppy has been super snuggly this week. She is just the best. 

Until next week, y'all!


  1. Pants are so overrated! I wore mostly tights and leggings towards the end, but then again I'm in New England :/ My belly button never pushed out, I was so anxious about it and my midwife chided me for worrying over something so trivial! So don't worry about that one.

    Just wanted to drop you a note saying how well pregnancy suits you and how amazing it is that you've been able to do your degree all at the same time (and while smiling!). Per usual, your positive attitude is a breath of fresh air and I just know you are going to be an amazing mama! Much love from your little :) - KC

    1. Thank you! You are the sweetest! I hope all is well with you. Avery is the cutest ginger baby i've seen.


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