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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 35/36: I feel like I've been hit by a mack truck.

It's totally and completely true.

Up until now i've really felt fine. For the most part I could still get out of bed without too much trouble, I could tie my shoes and **gasp** shave my legs.

Now. I feel like my body is revolting.

I have also had dreams where I was actually pregnant with a cat. This is way too perfect:

I am so irrational these days. Poor Matt. He's such a trooper. 

I will tell you right now, I can see why women in the third trimester are just ready to pop, I constantly sleep in a weird position, my cats won't leave me alone and I really would just love to meet my girl. 
I really can't wait to see what she looks like. I had a dream the other night that I gave birth and she didn't have a face. 

I started getting a book list together of things I'd like to read now that I have the time. So I started reading the Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. BIG MISTAKE. 

This book is about living life through the perspective of a dog. You're probably thinking it's not that bad.. Well let me tell you this dog is dying, and my goodness I can't get past the first chapter. 

Why am i so emotional? I literally cried for 30 minutes after reading half the chapter and cuddled my dog afterwards. 

Week 35 was lame, so I put Weeks 35 and 36 together. 

Week 36: 

Well it finally happened. I sneezed and well let's just say sometimes a little bit of pee happens. I realized it didn't matter how many kegel exercises I did, some times you just don't have control, which absolutely freaks me out for the next couple of weeks. 

I continue to feel like my body hates me. We had a childbirthing class this last week, and I obviously brain dumped all the stuff I learned in L and D, so learning this stuff over again was cool, until I realized that I will have to deliver this child at some point. 

So my wonderful Labor coach, Matt, will be guiding me through this labor. I'm actually extremely confident he will be amazing. He was so supportive through the breathing exercises in class and now that he has been schooled with 8 hours of wonderful information I know he has some sort of idea what will happen. 

I'm so lucky to have him. 

I went to my 36 week doctor's appointment and my doctor told me that she didn't think i'd make it to my due date.. I always thought the first baby would take foreverrrrrr to get here. I know how important it is for the baby to get to at least 39 weeks, but secretly I just want her here now, so that made me really excited. 

Preggo thoughts: 

  • I have felt contractions weak ones and a little stronger ones, nothing consistent.. 
  • I'm hungry all the time. 
  • I feel like i'm walking around in a fat suit, not because I think i'm fat by any means... just the fact that I feel like i'm so bloated. I'm convinced I'll never drink enough water to get rid of the bloat. 
  • My feet are swollen. It doesn't matter if I walk around or not, they stay swollen. I guess thats just the ninth month curse. 
  • My bag is finally packed. FINALLY. 
  • Did you know it's recommended to get the TDAP shot with each pregnancy to pass on antibodies to the baby? Nifty. 
  • My doctor told me my feet could possibly grow after pregnancy and stay that way after. UGH. I'm already at a 9.5/10. So I guess I should just purchase ski's after this? 
  • I came up with a birth plan. It's not too incredibly detailed, I don't want to catch my baby or anything, but I feel better now there's a guide. 

Cravings: Anything and everything sweet. 

Aversions: fish. Smelling fish. Being around fish. Thinking about fish. Ew. 

Sleep: My body must be getting me ready for never sleeping again. I get up to pee at 4am. I have trouble going back to sleep and just sit and stew when I see Matt sleeping peacefully. 

I hope y'all are amazing, until next week! 

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