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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 29: Tortillas will not be consumed the rest of this pregnancy.

Did you ever feel like you look more pregnant on certain days than others?! Especially after eating I feel this is the case.

This week the baby flutters are now full blown kicks to the ribs and bladder. I didn't even know this was possible, but I was strolling through Marshall's the other day and I was kicked so hard I lost my breath. Again, to all the mothers that have been griping about this for years, where I was silently judging you: I'm sorry.

Hormonal Rage. Has reared it's ugly head. Now you are probably thinking I've always been a bit secretly ragey, for those that have known me for awhile. But being a nurse, this is what goes through my head every time a doctor tells me I need to consult the primary doctor on the case that never answers his phone. It's a struggle and I seriously want to break the phone.

I know I can't be the only nurse that feels this way, pregnant or not.

Preggo Thoughts
  • For the most part I'm miraculously still moving around ok, I really will say that walking a lot throughout this pregnancy has helped me the most.
  • I have about 50 pillows my bed, there is literally no room for Matt,  with two cats and a german shepherd, with me tossing and turning I can't imagine that he gets any rest anyways.

  • I have not bought big ticket items for Allie yet, like a car seat, a stroller. These things constantly creep in the back of my mind, and this week I have often had dreams that I give birth to her and have to walk home because I have been putting off buying a car seat. Stress dreams are real. Why am I such a spaz?
  • Sleeping has been the ultimate struggle. I am so freaking tired and yet, I wake up after peeing 42 times and can't go back to sleep. I also cannot for the life of me find a good position to sleep. Is this just preparing me for post-baby?!
  • Apparently I snore like a hack saw now. Cool. 
  • I was eating some corn tortillas with my meal the other day, and OMG. I felt so full after I never wanted eat anything again, everything just kept expanding. I literally am having to choose to eat little bites of things to be able to breathe, I THOUGHT THIS WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN UNTIL LATER?! Oh I guess it is later. :/

Aversions: FISH. 

Cravings: sushi, raw oysters, basically all the things I can't have right now, i'm wanting. 


Questions for all mamas!
  • Putting together a birth plan. I'm actually super hesitant to do so. I guess I don't want my hopes to be dashed if they don't happen. Is this dumb? Should I just put one together anyway? Fellow Mamas, what did you put together?
  • About how soon should I start a hospital bag? Oh and please, please tell me what were the things you wanted in your bag or actually used while at the hospital?
  • When is an appropriate time to start freaking out? Because I realize that I only have about 10 weeks left. 10. There are loads of things that I thought I had all the time in the world to do and now I feel like I don't have any time. 
Until Next Week!

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