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Sunday, February 15, 2015


This week we did things like this:

Don't worry our cats fully judged us. Can you see the judgement in this cat's eyes?

I hope everyone had the most fabulous Valentine's day. I was a little too thrilled when I found this, and you bet I promptly sent this out to my Golden Girls. 

We were extremely excited to start our Valentine's day festivities. I mean at this point we had eaten breakfast and went to Lowe's all before 9am. We're adventurous these days. 

We went to pay for parking and got cash back. Apparently the universe was trying to tell us something. 

After a fabulous early dinner at Bonefish with friends. We made reservations at 3:30 because everywhere else was booked. It actually worked out because we had tickets to see The Book of Mormon which was in the parking lot over and were able to just walk and not have to worry about parking. 

So my husband is a HUGE FAN of South Park and as you know the writers of South Park wrote this play. It's about Mormon missionaries and how they try to get people to follow the LDS religion in South Park style. If you get the chance to see this. See it. 

I hope your Sunday is amazing. I leave you with this awesome Harry Potter reference. 

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