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Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Beyond Fabulous Weekend in Texas.

This week my mind has been racing a mile a minute. 

There is simply not enough time. 

If you don't have time for this story turn back now, because this is full of random tangents. 

We recently went to my best friend's wedding reception and it was amazing. We had an excellent time and I can't believe how fast everything went. 

We left on Friday morning and took a plane out of Atlanta. Atlanta is about 4 hours away from Charleston. Instead of driving the 17 hours to Texas we flew Spirit Airlines for about $350 roundtrip including the rental car. 

Talk about a win-win.  

So let me skip to the wedding reception. 

As you know, Same-sex marriage isn't legal, yet in Texas, so my friends wanted to celebrate their commitment to each other and get the real thing later. 

The reception was off of 6th street in Austin at Imperia. It was this swanky little asian bistro, which my friends rented the WHOLE thing. It was awesome. 

This was the man of the hour, he was so busy and moving so fast, this was the only real time I got to see him. 

In little places like this, the rooms are dark( and always setting the vibe, or something), and I'm not coordinated enough for flash. 

***Texas Girl Tangents***Look below,  I want to talk about this dress i'm wearing. I looked high and low for a dress like this one, I always wanted a lace dress with sleeves. 

I went to Saks Off 5th, because I'm not bougie enough for the real thing. 

Anyways, they had HUGE clearance racks with massive amounts of clothes on them and I found this dress out of no where. I immediately knew it was the dress for me. It was buy ONE get TWO free. I was like, OH JACKPOT. 

However, being the spaz I am, in the midst of finding my free items and being indecisive, I PUT THE DAMN DRESS BACK ON THE RACK WITH ALL THE OTHER MILLIONS OF CLEARANCE ITEMS AND COULDN'T FIND IT. 

What in the everloving hell did I think I was doing?! Don't worry, I grabbed a sales lady and she found it right back, because I wasn't leaving that store without the dress. 

Desperate, yes. Crazy, No.  

You could say I'm pretty proud of this dress. 

This was the other man of the hour, the fabulous Caleb. He was looking very sharp in red. I'm going to stop a minute and just talk about how happy I am that Dan found this guy. I have never in my life seen Dan so happy. I love how life has a way of bring people together.

Love never fails, people. 

This girl I've known since elementary school, her name is Sunayana. I reconnected with her at this wedding and I wish I would have hung out with her in school. I hate that about life after high school, i've met some incredible people that I completely missed out on. Don't worry we hung out the entire rest of the night. 

While Sunayana is adorable, we snapped this because of the Mr. Heisenberg look-a-like in the background. We literally thought that could be him, or his doppleganger. We were trying to be discrete. I'm also going to chalk this up as a win. 

Dan came back to show us love. LOVE Him. 

The rest of the night was awesome. There was an open bar until midnight and lots of dancing.

I would like to note that this is Dan's 80 something year old grandmother, Shoshi.

She did a headstand.

Did you hear me?


She plays tennis and all sorts of things I don't. She's pretty much my hero.

At the end of this weekend, I gathered one thing:

ATX- 1
Ashley- 0

You can imagine what that one was, and you'd be almost correct, i'll tell you that tangent later.

Don't worry I made it back to Charleston, very sleepy and in one piece.

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