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Monday, February 2, 2015

Ipsy post!

I recently got my January bag from Ipsy. Yikes, it's already February, but it took me some time to try everything right?!

You take a quiz in the very beginning and pick all the items that you normally use and they go by your list and give you exactly that. Well almost.

Here's my LOOT:

Let's start with that cute Pink Eyeshadow Brush. I love brushes that feel soft, they tend to hold more powder and apply more smoothly. I love that one item was full size. It was probably the best item out of my Ipsy order. I should probably tell you i'm a brush snob. 

Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm: It feels really good on your lips. Win! It's minty. Win! I'm sure outside of this Ipsy box it's a million dollars. However, I really love being able to sample this!

Nourish Organic Eye Cream: This stuff is really awesome and if I do say so, it really competes with the eyeshadow brush. I REALLY like this stuff. It's not heavy and I put it on at night and wake up and makes my eye area look moisturized. I've been using eye cream since I was 22. My mother started giving me crap about how much time I spent in the sun and said if I didn't wear it, it would look like crows walked all across my face. All in all, I really would buy this in full size at the store. 

Pacifica Eyeshadow: This shadow is really nice. I love how smooth this goes on. It doesn't flake, I think it's a very nice quality shadow. I just wish it wasn't a bronze color and more of a dark brown. 
I'm a makeup snob too. :)

Bella Pierre Cosmetics Eye shimmer: My inner 13 year old was stoked when I received this, my 27 year old in reality was not too stoked. I would wear this stuff if I was going to the club. OH WAIT, I never go to the club. Maybe if I dress up to go to an 80-90's party I would put this stuff on. It's not bad quality though. I guess this would be my least favorite part of the bag. 

Will I keep getting Ipsy bags, YES. 

You should at least try it once!

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  1. I guess I will have to plan an 80's party so you can sport your shimmer. :) -Tami


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