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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Week 34/35: A showering of love and an Ode to My 3W people.

This week I have been spoiled so much by these people this week.

My beyond wonderful co-workers threw me and amazing baby shower. I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I am with love and support. When I came to California, it was anything but a picnic. I struggled finding my people. I am very, very glad I found these people when I did. They made my life exponentially better. I learned a lot from these people. When you work in healthcare, you become very close with people, you spend a lot of your life with these people, so it's very natural they become your wonderfully, dysfunctional family. 

Shout out to Kelly, Kim, Andria and Deidra for all your help coordinating this. 

These ladies below are my A-team from dayshift. I will miss you and love you like nothing else. 

Every single person in all of these pictures played a very big part in always feeling included and loved. 

Today was also my last day before maternity leave (really forever leave). I was feeling every bit of my 35 week preggo emotions.

Most of these people below are my night crew. Even after I went to day shift, they never left me out. I will never forget all our amazing Disney days. I love you guys so much. 

This is also a shout out to all the people that I have precepted over the years. You are all amazing and thank you for putting up with me. Especially pregnant. 


How cool is that my friends even get up early enough before they go into work a 12 hour night shift, to see me? I am one lucky girl. 

Do you see this beautiful thoughtful table below? Well this sweet lady to my right, crafted the entire thing. Kelly always puts so much thought and care into everything she creates. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friend to have put this part together. Kelly, you are so creative and wonderful. Thank you so much again for all you do for everyone. You always make all the people in our RN community feel so loved. 

 On to preggo things!

Week 34 bump pic:

Week 35 Bump Pic: 

These few weeks have been very emotional, not only because i'm pregnant, but because I'm about to uproot myself from the life i've made here over the past few years. Somedays, I feel like I just unpacked and got used to being here. Let's be honest you never get used to the traffic, but you kind of make peace with it, sort of.

I'm excited to focus on having this sweet babe and introducing him to all things outside of my uterus. He's heard lots of things from the inside of this belly and I can only imagine all the things he's thought about.

Cravings: Garlic and grapefruit!

Aversions: Salmon. The smell is horrendous. I don't know how I got back to smell aversions.

Sleep: only brought to me by Naturally calm magnesium drink and Unisom. Unisom, if you're out there reading this, you have a customer for life.

Until next time!

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