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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Week 27/28/29: How are you already 7 months pregnant?

This month on Texan Girl Talks will bring you an array of things in my pregnant head.

Things people have said to me this pregnancy:
  • Woah, you're 7 months pregnant, how can that be? Sir, let me tell you.... 
  • SO I heard you fell down and ate shit.. yes, my center of gravity is a little off. 
  • Two is a perfect number of children, girl and boy, why would you have anymore?
  • Are you keeping it? Um, yes. In reality I probably should have said, No I'm actually a surrogate for a 16 year old. Oh crazy hippy California. 
  • Are you really drinking coffee right now?! Don't you know thats bad for your baby?: Ma'am it's the only thing keeping me from slapping you right now. 

Sometimes, you just tell preggos that they are pretty. That's it. Pretty simple. 

Things I've been doing these weeks: 

Listening to my favorite podcast: Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai. This podcast is extremely cynical and satirical. It's about a gay man who lives in Manhattan who bitches about things he hates, but is really actually pretty truthful about most things. Any who, If you loved Whine about it on Buzzfeed, you're gonna love this podcast. If you're looking for new podcasts to listen to, he also interviews the occasional funny person, so it can shed light on new people to listen to. 

We went to Tanaka Farms and spent a million dollars.

Every child needs to go strawberry picking. This was actually a really cool place. I really loved it. Overpriced, well duh. But this is California and we're all about the experience these days.

Allie loved eating all the strawberries that weren't even close to being cleaned yet.

Yet again, #momoftheyearaward should for sure go to me.

So lets talk about where we are in this pregnancy. 

So i've definitely failed in the weekly pictures department. 

It's almost like week 27 didn't happen, I mean it most certainly did, but photographically no and honestly these weeks are starting to mold together. Preggo brain is in full force. 

Week 28: Enjoy the glow of pregnancy and a filter. 

Week 29:

I do want to back up slightly and tell you that I did decide to go on modified duty. I found that at work I was not taking good care of myself. I would neglect drinking water for hours at a time and wound up with a horrible kidney infection. I will tell you preggos that a UTI can quickly turn into a kidney infection fast. I literally thought my back pain that really felt like a sunburn and was creeping up from my right side. I had never felt anything like this. 

I literally consulted a L&D nurse, several PT people and they all told me it sounded like round ligament/sciatic pain. But deep down I really didn't buy it, then I went to my regular OB appointment and sure enough my urine was growing bacteria. I urge everyone to keep asking questions and always get an answer that feels right. Your gut feeling is usually never wrong. 

So modified duty life it is. Nursing is so stressful. 

On to Baby Coates the second! 

This baby dances on my bladder every night. I cannot tell you how many times a day I pee. 
It's really becoming an art. He actually is dancing a lot right now in general. I can't tell you the uncomfortable i'm already feeling. 

I have been really tired, maybe it's because I chase around a 2 yr old. Or because i'm gestating a person and chasing around a 2 year old. 

Any who, Sleep at night has been so difficult to stay asleep. It's really the worst. I guess this is just my body's way of sleeping training me for newborn life. 

Cravings: Garlic and Trader joe's Okra chips. Not a harmonious combination but good. 

Aversions: Chicken. I am going through an I hate chicken phase right now. 

I have to say i'm getting really nervous about raising a toddler and a newborn. It's becoming more and more real everyday. 

Questions for everyone: 

Was it super hard adding a baby to your life with a toddler?

What can I anticipate as far as a regression in behavior from my toddler?

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