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Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Very Allie Birthday.

This child is Two.

I cannot believe this baby is TWO. I definitely took this birthday hard. Not only because I'm pregnant and emotionally unstable, but because this baby is a baby no more.

I've watched Moana more times than I care to admit, we've read the same books over and over and over again, and I swear my child will turn into a string cheese, because that seems to be the only thing she wants to eat these days.

If you even mention bubbles, you better deliver or this child will make sure you regret even repeating this word.

She's putting together sentences, can run with the big kids, and is super interested in the potty. My mama heart is not ready for her to grow up. She's in a huge mama phase right now, which i'm not complaining about.

Loves: Cats, ice cream, Disney songs in the bath, water toys, and the pool, riding around in the wagon, and hanging out in Dada's hiking backpack.  Loves monsters Inc, secret life of pets, zootopia and going to Disney. Likes to help clean, so much in fact she has been known to accidentally "spill" her milk so she can clean it up.

Dislikes: not getting her way, very particular on the movie we watch, dinners that don't include cereal (we've got some work to do).

I rock her a little longer these days and read a few more books because I know our days are numbered.

I have to remember one day she'll want to hang out with friends and less time with me. Yes, this is a little far off, but my goodness two years just swung out of nowhere, I can't imagine how 10 will feel.

She's the only child I know that savors ice cream, eating bite after bite as slow as possible and getting upset when it turns to soup. 

Allie's favorite part of her birthday right here. Her MiMi. She followed her around the entire weekend and played so hard. It's wonderful to see her form relationships with our family. 

The only descent picture of our family is right here. This child was only preoccupied with the ice cream. I guess I'm happy she keeps her eye on the prize. 

But this will be our last big event that we celebrate as a family of three. It's been an amazing two years and I'm so grateful for the memories that we have, i'm super excited that our boy will be joining the fun in less than three months. 

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