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Thursday, May 17, 2018

A week of nurses, mamas and wedding anniversaries!

Woah. The past few weeks have gone by FAST.

I'll tell you in the past three weeks, I have gone to Disney twice in one week. Amazing.

This was Wednesday, celebrating Nurse's week with some of my favorite people: Happy Belated Nurse's week. I'm so late on everything these days.

A small ode to the people I work with: thanks for always being there. Sometimes, our floor gets so crazy hectic, but I feel much better about the chaos when we're all knee deep together.

I celebrated two very special days in ONE week.

On Saturday, we celebrated our 6th Wedding anniversary. It's no secret that I love being married. My husband, Matt drives me absolutely insane, but at the end of the day, he's my human. He loves me, believes in me and makes me feel more like myself than anyone.

I'm thankful for him everyday. We might not have done something outrageously cool this day, but there's not one person I'd rather share this fluffy fabulous cake with.

 We might not have anything ever planned out, but at least we have fun. I pick a different picture from our wedding every year to share and this one embodied the last year. Becoming parents thinking we got all this figured out and then realizing we don't have anything figured out and wing it every single day. Here's to another 100 years of having fun.

On Sunday of course was Mother's day, well I found myself at Disney again. I'm taking advantage all that I can, because I know we won't always get to go to Disney as much as we do now, most likely ever again. 

Becoming a mom was one of the best days of my whole life. I couldn't imagine that it's not like that for everyone.

A mom has an infinite definition in their child's life: confidant, their "person", boo-boo kisser, nurse, assistant, driver, personal cheerleader, I mean the list goes on and on.

Most people have amazing relationships with their moms and I never knew why I didn't have the same relationship. I'll save you the details, but it made me question every aspect of my future relationships with my children.

That's a lot of pondering my friend.

However, today i'll tell you this. No matter if you were a mama to your own child or someone else that was a bonus child, or a teacher that was a mother figure who was patient and kind. You're appreciated today and everyday. You nurtured someone's life for the better.

A special thank you to all the lovely ladies i've looked up to, you've been a fantastic example and my children are much better for it and so am I.

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