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Monday, April 23, 2018


This baby's face is everything, She feels the half-way-there vibes. 

You're also welcome for this cat. 

This galaxy cat has accurately depicted my mood for this week. So many emotions. #pleasehurryupandscrollsoyoudonthaveaseizure

HALF WAY THERE. Seriously only 20 more weeks to go. Where is the time going?!   

Ready or not, these post from here on out might be more ranty than normal or more emotional or all of the above, we will let the hormones decide. 

This week we went back to the motherland, TEXAS. 

I love Texas. It's pretty much my favorite. 

My lovely sister in love, Jordy has gotten married. I'm absolutely so excited to be apart of this momentous occasion. I've known her since she was 14 years old. Crazy how times flies. 

Circa 2007

Every married person has advice for newlyweds and this is mine. 

First of all being married is the absolute best thing I ever did. Even on the really tough days where you feel so defeated and wonder how in the world someone loves all the BS about you. There will be times when your spouse has to carry you far more than the 50% they bargained for, but don't worry you'll do the same for them. No matter what. 

Sometimes being married is not fun, but if you can see each other through all the hard times, it makes the easy times that much sweeter. 

Compromise and pick your battles. There are days your brother drives me absolutely insane with his neurotic ideas of how our house should be put together. However, I, more often times than not, over look those little details because it matters so much to him. Just ask me about his Nalgene water bottle collection. 

Remember every passing year why you chose one another, it's all worth it, I promise. 


Oh yes, on to baby things! WOAH I CANT BELIEVE I HAVE LESS THAN 20 WEEKS LEFT.

Week 20 picture:

Allie clearly was trying to tell me something. She actually acknowledges there is a baby in there. 

When in Texas I ate my weight in crawfish. There is no evidence other than all the bloating in the following pictures. 

I had so much Mexican food. There was a queso bar at the wedding. If you're ever in Texas, do as the Texans do and eat queso. This is an accurate depiction. 

Cravings: Blue bell ice cream, tex-mexican food, We started and ended our Texas tour with mexican food. 

Aversions: Eggs. Broccoli. I know what preggo eats broccoli right now anyways?

Sleep: Pretty much non-existent this trip, due to the fact my child would not sleep in her crib at my in-laws. It made everything ridiculously hard. 

I have to say the only thing bothering me in this pregnancy is my sciatic nerve. It hurts when I have to pick up my 30lb child and believe me this kid doesn't take no for an answer at any time. I will tell you this is not conducive for my life or career at this point. 

Apparently my doctor says "ohhhhh that's unfortunate, but you decided to have a baby less than 2 years from your previous one". You could say this will be my last visit with her. 

Don't worry, i'm switching doctors in the middle of my pregnancy. Ladies, if you're not happy with something remember you can always change it. 

Our failed attempt at everyone looking at the camera..

Let me tell you what a big deal bluebonnets are in Texas. Not only are they the state flower, these pop up everywhere and are every Texan mama's dream to get pictures of their baby in some bluebonnets. 

Please note this small patch of 5. My bluebonnet season is complete, until the next one with TWO BABIES. 

You know what I realllllly miss about Texas.......these fine people in this picture. There are two people missing, Andrew and Kendra. 

We love and miss you guys every single day. 

Mamas with horrible sciatic pain: how do you cope with a toddler?!

Does this actually get better or do I just deal with it?

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