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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week 19: It's official we are having a....

This week is the week i've been waiting for quite awhile. I can't believe it's finally here.

Yes, we are having a girl!!!! God has blessed us first and foremost with a healthy, growing baby. Really and truthfully after they told me all her measurements were perfect and they found no anomalies, they could have told me I was having a lawn gnome and I would have been happy. 

So many, many wonderful thoughts raced through my mind the moment they told us. I could picture dance recitals, Texas sized bows, tutus, playing dress up, a million cardigans and numerous tea parties.  

We have picked out a potential name that I have dreamed of since we found out she was coming, but we're indecisive crazies so we will let everyone know later on! 
***spoiler alert: it's still not Felicia***

Pregnancy confessions: 
  • I have consciously prayed more in the past five months than I have in my whole life. 
  • I'm still coming to terms with actually birthing this child. Scared. 
  • I often wonder what kind of Mom i'll be. 
  • I can't believe I'm almost halfway through this pregnancy.
  • Only one of my nipples hurts this week. Just one. Like a cramping pain. WEIRD. But I guess it's not that weird, because I only sweat out of one arm pit. More weird than you originally thought. 
  • My irrational patients are much nicer to me when they know i'm pregnant. I will use this preggo card for awhile. #winning #youhavetousewhatworks
  • I know 6 other people due the same week as me. Clearly September was a good month. 
  • I still don't know the difference between gas grumbles and if my baby is actually moving. 

Cravings: Lemon in my water, oranges, orange sherbet, pickles, mustard and BLACK OLIVES. I can't tell you how many black olives i've eaten this week. 

Aversions: Eggs. Oh eggs. I used to eat eggs religiously every day. Now I can't stand them. I hope this aversion goes away. 

Sleep:  I worked for two days straight --12 hour shifts-- and before all the other nurses that read this roll their eyes, I literally slept the whole day on my day off. I have never felt that drained after two shifts, maybe after 4, but geez. I slept pretty much in the same position for all 13 hours, I'm sure of it. My feet were actually a little too swollen for my Danskos.. that makes me nervous because I rely on them so much for back support, tennis shoes from now on!

A little bit about our newest addition:

Please meet Greta! She is about 3 years old and is the world's sweetest dog. She is super docile, and is so well behaved. She even puts up with our grumpy cats!! Animal control found her in the Bakersfield area just wondering around. We think she's had a lot of puppies. Well my only question for the people who owned her before would be, Why didn't you go looking for her? Some people.

Oh well she's ours forever now!

We found this wonderful baby at the Westside German Shepherd Rescue here in Los Angeles,CA. This rescue goes around to all the kill shelters in the area to rescue German Shepherds to foster or keep at their kennel. How amazing.

It's been an amazing week, y'all! I can't wait to for our girl to get here!

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