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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 15: Might just be the week from hell.

Yes, you read that right. I've been so sick this week.

Not just the oh i'm nauseous. Literally the worst sinus infection ever. I haven't had sinus issue since high school. Kids, don't ever get a cold/sinus infection while pregnant, it's not pretty.

So with that being said, this week's post might seem a little blah/random/unorthodox/hormonal. 

Sleep: I have been sleeping a lot. Probably more in the past week than I have in the past 28 years. I'm actually making up for all the lost sleep that happened in nursing school. I basically didn't sleep for 2 years. To all the Preggos: i've laughed at in the past about sleeping and basically becoming an appendage to your bed, I'm sorry. Gestating is hard. Thinking about becoming preggo? Get an amazing pillow(s). 

CRAVINGS: Anything citrus. Literally, I could have eaten a bag of oranges this week. As long as it tastes like orange or lime this week, i've eaten it. Potatoes, hash browns, anything potatoes this week. I think my body is telling me it needs lots of vitamin C to get rid of this junk in the body. 
* Nursing fact: Did you know potatoes are very high in Vit. C?, Eat potatoes if you're feeling a cold coming on! * Orange sherbet! 

Aversions: Eggs. I don't like eggs right now. Like eating scrambled eggs. I think it's just the texture. Cabbage. UGH. I don't even eat that much cabbage as it is, but a lot of but there's a lot of places in LA that add cabbage to dishes. Tomatoes. 

Emotions: I've actually been less sensitive this week. Not emotionally constipated, but you know a little less weepy. I don't want to say i've been rage-y, but people have pissed me off a little more this week. For example: not having patience for slow people or gifts that you've bought weeks ago on Amazon, that have just now let you know they are out of stock, 7 days before Christmas.

Preggo Thoughts: 
  • I didn't get find out the gender this week at my baby appointment. I was sad. I really just want to know, Countdown to January 14!
  • I'm really waiting for this nesting thing to kick in so I will feel like cleaning my house... until then we will live in cat hair. 
  • My road rage is at an all time high.
  • Here's to praying that we can get through LAX Christmas crowds without unleashing a hormonal rage. 
My face might stick like this.

Obligatory Week 15 Bump pic! I'm so excited it looks more and more like a bump every week.  

Dear Peapod: I can't wait for you to get bigger and I can't wait to feel you move. I thank God everyday that you grow!

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