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Friday, December 11, 2015

That time I thought I had Scabies.. Week 14

It's amazing how paranoid you get about random things in life when you are carrying a human inside of you. Especially, when you're a nurse. No amount of protective wear you put on will ever be enough. Ever.

So in my job I am orienting with different departments and I was following around wound care,  (I will never, ever, ever, ever be a wound care nurse, but that another tangent for a different time), Anywho, I was tending to a case, which required changing a wound dressing, when I noticed a horrible rash that had clearly just erupted. Turns out it scabies and was diagnosed two days later.


That might not mean anything to the non-nursing person, but Scabies are extremely contagious and extremely uncomfortable. So after I had a minor MELTDOWN with my nurse educator and she talked me off the ledge of another potential meltdown when I thought another room had shingles. 


I realized I don't scabies and I'm a spaz.

So this week I've come to some conclusions. 
  • I have had heartburn all week and concerned my baby will come out looking like a chia pet (that will be Matt's fault of course). 
  • My husband told me I was glowing this week and I wanted to cry, he's precious sometimes. 
  • Gas is really bad this week, I accidentally tooted in a patient's room and blamed it on them, when someone came in, I've hit an all time low. 
  •  Not giving one damn. I feel like that this is a bit early, but lately my filter is gone. Yes, I promise I had a filter at one time. Maybe. 
  • Headaches are no joke. 

Oh. The. Joys. Of. Pregnancy. I never knew what that really meant until now. 

This kid better be cute. 

So I'm fairly certain that this week's bump picture is actually a big ball of gas, waiting to be expelled. On the off chance it isn't, i'd like to believe that i'm starting to get an actual bump! Excuse the morning face, but if I didn't take the pic super early, I wouldn't remember.

Cravings: Soup. Lots of soup. and Cereal. Maybe I just like eating with a spoon because it's a more efficient vehicle for food, I don't know, but i'm still on a super salty kick. I will be as bloated as a whale by the end of this pregnancy I just know it. Cheez-its, all the live long day. Eating a lot of guacamole this week, clearly I haven't been keeping up my fat intake.. yeah right. And of course I'm still on a spicy kick, I had a bite of a co-worker's tamale the other day and was in heaven. 

Aversions: Artichokes, Tomatoes (it's back), the smell of cabbage makes me crazily sick.  

Emotions: Irrational and overly truthful. Emotionally attached to Walking Dead and know it won't be on until February makes me sad. Sarcasm is at an all time high this week.

Until next week folks, Thanks again for listening to all my rambles and supporting all my craziness.

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