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Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Friday!

Happy day it's Friday. One of my favorite days of the week!

I just realized I neglected to tell you all about my last weekend happenings. Probably because, well, it was my anniversary and I was too preoccupied celebrating with this giant bouquet of pageant flowers.

Those flowers were bigger than my face and there were just about a million different flowers, you know just incase I changed my mind last second on which flowers I liked. OR maybe this was an alternate way of telling me I was winning at life because we're still married. Either way, they were beautiful.

Don't worry the cats enjoyed them too, all the foliage was properly eaten through and that little gladiolus thing at very top never stood a chance.

And some exciting news on the homefront.. drum roll please...


Do I know when I start? Nope. Just waiting on the old background check to go through... I'm gonna pump the brakes for a few minutes, and thank everyone who supported my mind and heart through this process. Those closest to me, know what a struggle this was. I can't tell you how blessed I am that you are in my life. 

Celebratory foot rubs from my wonderful husband. Bless him. 
Y'all I can be an absolute train wreck to live with sometimes. 

Then we later on went to see a movie in the park. They played Pretty Woman. This has to be one of my all time favorite movies. Ever. And of course, I don't know how Matt got around this, but HE NEVER ACTUALLY SAW THIS ENTIRE MOVIE. I don't know how we've been together for this long and I had never realized. I feel shameful. 

We met up with some friends. SO excited to be social again. This picture is super grainy, but the people in it are most definitely not (do you see what I did there? PUNS!) and hope to be hanging out with them on the reg.

Sorry cats it's been real, but human interaction helps we stay sane. Love you mean it.

*Tangent: if you like picture books then this might be your favorite blog post. Little bit of rambles here and there, but mainly pictures. 

Best part of this experience, FOOD TRUCKS. There were about 15 food trucks right near the park that stayed open the entire time the movie was on. I never realized my love for food trucks until this Fried Nutella sandwich came in my life. FRIED. NUTELLA. SANDWICH. Matt was pretty stoked.

So on Sunday, we decided not to be fatties and go for a hike. Yes, we left the house on Sunday. It almost never happens, but with all this sunshine, I needed a little vitamin D in my life, according to my husband I just need a "little tan" because i've been made aware i'm extremely pasty, and never mind that this sentence is the biggest run-on ever, I really sometimes put in commas to make you think I'm eloquent at writing. 

On to the trails! These trails are 5 minutes from our house. I couldn't believe it. When Matt wanted to go on a walk, I had no idea this is where he would be taking me. 

These Stargazer hiking trails go on for miles. I appreciate California a little bit more after today, this makes me forget about all the traffic, concrete, and the hustle and bustle. This really is a beautiful place. I loved that no matter where we were on the trails, there were people everywhere enjoying these views right along with us. 

They even led down to the beach.

We will be doing the trails again very soon. 

I hope everyone has an amazing Friday. 

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