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Monday, May 4, 2015

A Weekend in Pictures

It's always a good weekend when you can peel yourself away from Netflix and be social with people, not cats.

Friday night we got super fancy and went to an Air Force Dining out. This dining out celebrated Matt's new assignment -  errr he does something with GPS (like the one you desperately use everyday, or at least that's me).

Any who, we hung out with all kinds of new people and it was so nice to finally put faces to the names of people he'd been talking about since we got here.

You're probably wondering why I have this picture.. Well my Sister-in-love, Jordy, has found a new love of veggies, which is completely and totally blog worthy. The girl only started eating new veggies in the last 4 years. I mean, it was like pulling teeth to get this girl to eat anything green for the longest time. 

Anyways, she calls me on Saturday morning and asks where I might find these green onions in the store. 


After 5 minutes of explaining where to find them in the store, I finally broke down and sent her a picture. Jordy, if you're reading this, I love you and your new found love of new foods. 
You're a big girl now. 

After our riveting phone conversation, we went down to the Redondo Beach Pier, so freaking cute. I loved the atmosphere and this beach really has to be my favorite in the Los Angeles area. It's not overly fancy like the Santa Monica Pier and there was a really laid back feel here.  

This was the starting of the boardwalk. 

We went to a restaurant that sat on the water. It was an amazingly beautiful day. 

We figured the Redondo Beach Pier would be a nice place to meet up with an old pal. This is one of Matt's best friends from the Academy. They were roomies for a couple of years and even backpacked through Europe together. Let me just say i'm glad this guy was always there to help keep the hubs in line. 

I also had another agenda, to see the sea gulls. They are especially plump on this side of the US. My goodness, they could really give those East Coast gulls a run for their money. 

He didn't care for me, I didn't have any food. 

So as we were saying goodbye to our friend, I immediately stopped for this sign. 

DETOUR.  I mean it does say these churros were WORLD'S BEST. 

You better believe we stopped for these ridiculously priced churros. Yes, I would like a doughy piece of goodness for $3 WITH CARAMEL SAUCE that was stuffed in a container the size of a thimble. 

It was heaven. As you can see Matt's shadow was hovering over me like a vulture... He knew I would have single-handedly eaten all of it in two bites, had he not. 

Who doesn't love a random shadow picture. I made him hold the caramel sauce. 


I don't know why this happens, but low and behold as i'm stuffing my half of the churro in my mouth with sugar and cinnamon all over my fingers, we see random people we know on the pier with their entire family. Of course,we get up to greet them, and I have just licked all of my fingers. LIKE ALL OF THEM. and then I shake everyone's hand. 

The first guy didn't really want to shake my hand.. he knew what was up. 


Was it just me or did everyone go to see the new Avengers movie on Sunday?! This was our first movie in California. Yes, it was just as expensive as you think it was, and we went to the matinee. 

But of course, my husband in true nerd fashion, only wanted to see this movie in IMAX/3D. So that is exactly what we did. 

We weren't too disappointed because we saw this in the lobby. This was freely put in the lobby, not behind the counter. 

To the average joe, you just see an ICEE machine. To the Coates' family, you see a very amazing opportunity. Unlimited refills people. 

Ok, so you must know my in-laws obsession with ICEEs, it's really a Coates' family tradition.  They make it a point to get one EVERY SINGLE MOVIE, and typically get a second refill before the movie starts. 

Most comfortable seats in the world. Soft. Leather. Rocking seats. 


I hope your weekend was amazing. 

Here's to a fabulous week, because I started school today! 

I am officially a Miner with the University of Texas at El Paso. I started my RN to Bachelors of Nursing Program! 

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