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Friday, April 24, 2015

8 Things Los Angeles Has Taught Me

1. You do not go to Costco on Sunday or really any day of the week. Let me stress. You might get ran over. You're probably thinking to yourself, "i've been to a crowded parking lot, stop whining".

Our very first trip to Costco (in California), Matt bent over in the parking lot to pick up one of our dropped bags. ROOKIE MISTAKE. There were so many people pulling in and out of parking spots it was horrendous, I thought he was a goner.

If it looks like an open spot, someone has probably already spoken for it. Dog eat dog, people.

2. You must bring your own reusable bags to grocery stores. If you don't, they will charge you! I always liked getting the plastic bags, where else am I supposed to put the "leftovers" from the cat box? Any who, I really do think it's a better incentive to help our environment from all the people that don't reuse those bags.

3. Recycling is real. I mean there is an actual bin for it from the city. So now I have to do it too.

Guilty, I never recycled, pretty much ever. I know, I know. I'm the reason landfills exist, but I am now an avid recycler and am consistently making sure we use our recycling bin, because after all we are being charged for it.

4. You never realize how many things cause cancer until you move to California.

This is a warning sign from McDonald's. HELLO THE REST OF AMERICA, YOU ARE BASICALLY EATING CANCER. Never in my life have I ever seen this, now mind you, I never eat at McDonald's (minus the occasional ice cream cone), but this was alarming. 

McDonald's french fries, apple pies and coffee were major staples in my early 20's. If I get cancer, I'll just blame McDonald's and their ridiculously tasty fries. Has anyone else seen these warnings around the US? I think I hear someone saying, "No Ashley, shut up". 

5. People here are drive and live fast. They constantly live in a hurry. I thought I always lived in a hurry. I walk fast and drive fast and live in chaos. Not like Los Angeles. I have no idea where people are going or why they think they're gonna get there quicker, but they do. I mean the other day, Matt got cut off by a Segway. I SAID A SEGWAY. 


6. The 405 is a big ol' parking lot. Los Angeles taught me to hate this interstate, and that it's the norm to put the word "The" in front of it. It's a thing people. 

This is an everyday thing, i've just learned to get a big ice water, a couple granola bars and a really great playlist together before my commute to anywhere. I avoid this interstate at all cost and just use the side roads if I can. 

7. It's only been about 2 months since we've been gone from Charleston. I never realized until now, Y'all Charleston got in my bones. I miss it today. That community was like a hug that didn't let go until you did, during this transition I've missed that hug. In the hustle and bustle of LA life, there is something to be said for living slow that I didn't see until now.

Maybe I feel this way because Matt is pushing 28.. I said Matt, not me.

8. Most of all Los Angeles taught me that no matter where I am, my friends are still there. I might between 1500-2570 miles away, but they all make me feel like i'm right up the road.

There's not one better feeling than that. Not one.

It's Friday, Stay fabulous.

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