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Sunday, March 8, 2015


So I finally left my house yesterday after 3 days. I've been swimming in cardboard boxes, cat hair, and wrapping paper. I felt like my social skills were lacking, so we definitely needed to leave the house. 

  • IKEA. This place breeds hoarders. When you can buy 8 wine glasses for $3.99. That's a huge problem for someone like me, I WANT ALL OF THE THINGS INSIDE THIS STORE. 

  • Pieology = pretty much the best place ever. It's like subway, but for PIZZA. Best part $7.95 for UNLIMITED TOPPINGS. SO MANY CHOICES. 

  • Our World Market trip was a little startling. Just FYI to all the other people in the USA, we found this posted. UM, so are we just not going to tell everyone else in America this might cause cancer? 

  • I pretty much might buy this and put it in my living room. This probably sells like hot cakes at IKEA. 

  • So I'm a little late to the game. BUT, I'm now watching Parks and Rec. 
This is pretty much my favorite character.

Well, I'm off to binge watch the rest of these episodes because we've already binged watched all of House of Cards. 

Happy Sunday!

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