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Thursday, March 5, 2015

10 days + 2 wailing cats + 2,543 miles later = Los Angeles.

Hello, from the West Coast! 

Yes, we made it. I honestly had my doubts at various different points during this trip. This was the world's longest road trip. There were parts that I loved and parts that I wanted to throw both cats out the window and myself. 

Y'all this is a long post. Just putting it out there. 

This is what I saw leaving South Carolina. I have to say I really was a bundle of emotions. I knew the mountains meant I was closing my Charleston chapter, but at this point with the two wailing cats in the car I knew that the mountains meant that much closer to our destination for the night, which was Knoxville, TN. 

DAY 1-3

We stopped to hang out with these cool kids. You'll see the guy staring off in the distance and the cute girl behind me. Our friends, Kendra and Andrew, are two of the coolest people we know. They were nice enough to let us keep our cats at their house while we were there for our visit. 

We went to Gatlinburg for one of our days in Tennessee. I will tell you right now, I am not built for moonshine. We went to three distilleries. One was the Ol' Smoky Mountain. It was ok, the one distillery I could handle was Sugarland Shine and I didn't take any pictures there.

You know our obsession with bears.. Gatlinburg was full of them!

A tender moment shared. 

Clearly all the moonshine at the distilleries weren't enough.... 

This was necessary. 

This was the Davy Crockett whiskey distillery. This place was pretty cool. 

He looks regal. 

If you can't tell now. This post will be a long one. 

We had a little too much fun with our shadows. Yes, this was the most ridiculous part of our trip. 
But, what else are you supposed to do at Ripley's Believe it or Not museum after sampling moonshine all day.. 


This day starts our trek to Mississippi. Kendra put together some really awesome snack bags for the rest of our trip that included these. My goodness these are the best beverages you can buy at World Market.  She was such a peach for doing this. Kendra, you really made this leg of our trip great, not to mention the fabulous breakfast you made us at 6am. 

 The next place we stopped was Biloxi, MS.

I will say I was pretty surprised by these awesome views of Biloxi. I wanted to go to a buffet and eat all the crabs I could consume in one sitting, but decided to sleep instead. 


DAY 5-7 

We stopped in the motherland for a few days. I was really glad to rest up back home. 

I stopped to see some amazing people that I missed so much. There are people you meet in your life that no matter what will always be there for you, no matter how far you go. 

I got to see my sister and my niece, Scarlett. She is the sweetest girl ever. I love her so much. I wish I could have spent much more time with them. 

Clearly the cats were enjoying this leg of our journey. 

Then it was back on the road. The cats were pretty pissed after we left College Station. I did sedate the cats, with a sedative called ACE (it's in the valium family). This only works if you're cats aren't already pissed off at you. 

This leg of the trip the cats wailing really began. They would wake up after naps and literally try to eat out of the carriers we had them in. Side note: aggression is a side effect of this medication. 


This waffle represents our stop in Fort Stockton, TX, AKA middle of nowhere West TX and full of disappointment. I truly believe West Texas is a wasteland. Literally the weather is so unpredictable we were one minute in sun shining weather and the next our windshield was frozen and there was black ice on the road. Talk about a bipolar mess. 

At least now I can say I've traveled I-10 going 40 MPH for 140 miles. MISERABLE. 


I was never so happy to see sunshine again and blue skies and NO ice. This of course is Arizona, which is somewhere I really liked, I had never been there before. I was very surprised how nice it was. 

I'm a complete sucker for the mountains though. 

DAY 10

After listening to the cats wail an extraordinary amount, we finally passed the California state line. It might have been raining but we didn't care, that only meant we only had about 4 hours left. 

4 sweet hours until freedom from the car and the cats. 

Less than a mile from the house. 

We have been unpacking ever since we got here, and have been swimming in all things that are cardboard and packing paper. When will we ever get done, who knows? I'm still fighting jet lag. 

Jet lag. 

The cats are adjusting very well, they are a fan of the California sun. 

We are fans of the California wine. I can't wait to go get out there and explore. 

Going to bed soon. Feels so late and it's only 8pm. 

I hope you are amazing. 

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