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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The whoas and winnings of NCLEX

If you don't know what NCLEX is, you probably aren't a nurse or in nursing school.

This one test is everything after nursing school and actually gives you your official license number to be a registered nurse and practice.

How scary is that?! NCLEX doesn't care if your nursing school didn't teach you Sjorgen's syndrome. You have to know it. (Btw I still have no clue what that is). Also, an added bonus is this test is  computer adaptive.

What the hell is computer adaptive?! It adapts to all the questions you get wrong (face palm). So if you didn't understand one or two concepts, they start throwing all kinds of those type of questions at you.

I've worked hard for this. I will tell you right now I walked out of that test feeling defeat. I thought there was absolutely no way in hell I passed.

I did the Pearson Trick.. Where you try to register for another NCLEX exam and pay for it, and then it says no, you already are signed up for an exam and can't complete at this time. (which makes you want to get up and start dancing, there might be a glimmer of hope you passed)

Well after waiting for the past two days. I paid for my unofficial results this morning and this is it.

Do you see what that little word of hope says?! PASS. NO WORD HAS EVER BEEN SWEETER.

I can finally start moving forward with everything I want to accomplish. 
I can't wait for what is ahead. 

Today, I am Ashley Coates, RN.

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